Teatro Fenice

To create something in a place that already is an experience in itself. To bring alive a space that is full of history. To work in a beautiful theatre that has its doors closed for the people living in the same city.  A big, smelly, dark and humid place: Teatro
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Site-specific theatre rijeka

Wide perspective

We take an elevator that is just an elevator, a metal box that transports weight up and down, no fancy light or mirrors here, nor doors that open and close by themselves. Arrived at the last floor the smell of iron and oil tells us this is not a place
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Wishing well

What if you could make a wish that would be made come true? Only one. What would you ask for? What’s in a wish? What’s around it? What’s missing in the life of those who make a wish? What’s missing in your life? Or perhaps you would wish to change
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I’m listening

Sometimes we just have to look at things from another perspective. And then a slight change can show us a whole new universe. When I (Nicole Pschetz) started to work with Miguel Bonneville in a shop window in Rijeka we could only see an empty space without a story. Standing
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sweet dreams

another song that has been with us  throughout the process at the opéra fenice.  
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“take this waltz”

“Now in Vienna there are ten pretty women There’s a shoulder where Death comes to cry There’s a lobby with nine hundred windows There’s a tree where the doves go to die There’s a piece that was torn from the morning And it hangs in the Gallery of Frost Aey,
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and then there was space

created and performed by Julianna Bloodgood (Wrocław),  Anne Corté (Paris), Johannes Schrettle (Graz), Sanna Karoliina Toivanen (Barcelona), Janaina Tupan (Montpellier), Sendi Bakotić (Rijeka), Andrea Crnković (Rijeka), Nika Korenjak (Ljubljana/Zagreb), Maja Kovač (Zagreb), Kristina Paunovski (Rijeka),   JOHANNES we entered that space and  we had the impression of a crumbling society,
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Rijeka Lab :: as above, so below

as he opened his eyes there they were – the fears and the failures waiting for a moment of brightness  
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//Rijeka Lab//Work&Play//

We are entering the second phase of the Rijeka Lab: yesterday, we met the local artists and I am thrilled (again!) to be a part of such a wonderful community. The Rijeka Lab is all about site-specific performances, a very trendy concept. As this summer I was myself a part

Changing perspective

And then we raised our heads. He was there. A diversion. A new friend. An inspiration too.
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