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The Make a Move project will execute and test an innovative Art Incubator program, designed particularly for non-institutionalised theatre practitioners with the first group of 10 full-time participants and 30 auditing participants from at least 5 European countries. The project will produce to various stages of development at least 10 new contemporary theatre productions that will be presented as work-in-progress to audiences in three Creative Europe countries. The project will identify at least 5 new cooperation opportunities and initiate applications to sources of funding. The communication and dissemination activities will increase the visibility of European non-institutionalised theatre practices and independent theatres and practitioners, highlighting their role and transformative potential on the European cultural and theatre scene and the challenges that the sector faces in day-to-day functioning. Further substantial and durable impact will be achieved through the publication and dissemination of the project Handbook. The Handbook will highlight the solutions to many of the challenges of the sector.

The medium and long-term vision of the project is to develop the Make a Move Art Incubator into a permanent feature on the European theatre landscape. The project is extremely relevant to the region of South-Eastern Europe, where theatre popularity is the lowest in Europe and declining and where public institutions are currently coming together and investing into the capacity of the regional cultural operators to develop progressive cultural project with Europe-level ambitions. The Make a Move project enjoys full support of the public authorities in the region, particularly of the City of Rijeka, where the project idea was born. The project partnership will make full use of the Rijeka European Culture Capital 2020 to generate project visibility as well as to bring together other international stakeholders that would be interested in supporting a long-term perspective for the Make a Move project and co-operating with non-institutionalised theatre practitioners either from their national or the international environment. The project partnership will make the first step towards project sustainability already within the Make a Move project by identifying and initiating a first set of at least 5 follow-up cultural cooperation projects among the Make a Move Art Incubator participants.


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Creative Europe Programme


Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre
Galway Theatre Festival
Institute of the Arts Barcelona
The University of Arts Târgu-Mureş


Acts Laboratory for performance and practice
Moveo - Physical theatre and corporeal mime center
Platform 88
Poulpe électrique
ToTum TeaTre
Workinglifebalance Ltd.

Funders / Supporters

Republika Hrvatska - Ministarstvo kulture
Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture
Grad Rijeka
Galway 2020
Irish Arts Council
Ajuntament de Sitges
Galway City Council
Institut français Barcelona

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