Lab 2

Make a Move Art Incubator Rijeka – Site-specific theatre and audience outreach.

10th–19th September 2019, Rijeka, Croatia

Photo credit / Nicole Pschetz

The second session of the Art Incubator will focus on the topic of site-specific theatre and progressive audience outreach practices in theatre, specifically on the topic of public space and urban locations as places for artistic intervention, exploration and work, communicating with citizens and encouraging direct interaction between theatre/performing artists and audiences.

Within artistic element of the Art Incubator in Rijeka public spaces will be explored as site-specific theatre locations, places for artistic interventions, installations, community art works and other possible forms of contemporary theatre and performing arts practices.

In collaboration with expert historian of Rijeka who will lead a study visit on several Rijeka’s locations and with the cultural expert on audience development, artists will be developing their projects inside of the frame of specific locations in Rijeka that have a strong meaning for the community either past, present and/or future. This topic of public space(s) is related to Rijeka 2020 programme that encourages progressive audience development practices by proposing vision where ”urban areas become spaces where artistic projects are created in collaboration with the local community” and that selects artistic works created and presented within Rijeka 2020 within the matrix that “asks about audiences and inclusion, it encourages performances in unconventional and public spaces…”.

Identifying project ideas for follow-up cooperation projects

During the Rijeka session, the participating artists will continue the process of new project idea identification, formulation and conservation initiated at the first fundraising workshop during the Art Incubator session in Galway.


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Creative Europe Programme


Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre
Galway Theatre Festival
Institute of the Arts Barcelona
The University of Arts Târgu-Mureş


Acts Laboratory for performance and practice
Moveo - Physical theatre and corporeal mime center
Platform 88
Poulpe électrique
ToTum TeaTre
Workinglifebalance Ltd.

Funders / Supporters

Republika Hrvatska - Ministarstvo kulture
Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture
Kultura Nova
Grad Rijeka
Galway 2020
Irish Arts Council
Ajuntament de Sitges
Galway City Council
Institut français Barcelona
Primorsko-Goranska Županija
Austrijski kulturni forum
Embassy of Spain in Zagreb

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