Lab 1

Make a Move Art Incubator Galway – Digital Practices

25th April–04th May 2019, Galway, Ireland

Photo credit / Off-Beat Photography

The first session of the Art Incubator will focus on digital practices, both from a business point of view and an artistic point of view.


As part of the Galway Lab, participants will explore the potential of digital technologies and media in their practice, in how they communicate with audiences, and in how they collaborate with other artists.

The lab will offer participants the opportunity to engage critically, conceptually and through hands-on approaches with interactive digital technologies that respond to, and integrate with, the human body. Using both sensor technologies and VR technologies, this lab will explore the implications of this shift from audience-member to participant and opportunities it offers artists to design new types of movement / physical theatre experiences.

Participants will also explore the opportunities digital media offer to extend their audience reach, and the types of experiences they can offer audiences. The concept of the ‘remote audience’ will be discussed in the context of theatre as a ‘live’ medium. Digital media experts will offer insights into various aspects of audience development through online media, including blogging, live-streaming (e.g. Facebook Live), and understanding social media analytics.

Call for participation in Galway Lab


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Creative Europe Programme


Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre
Galway Theatre Festival
Institute of the Arts Barcelona
The University of Arts Târgu-Mureş


Acts Laboratory for performance and practice
Moveo - Physical theatre and corporeal mime center
Platform 88
Poulpe électrique
ToTum TeaTre
Workinglifebalance Ltd.

Funders / Supporters

Republika Hrvatska - Ministarstvo kulture
Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture
Grad Rijeka
Galway 2020
Irish Arts Council
Ajuntament de Sitges
Galway City Council
Institut français Barcelona

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