Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA (Rijeka, Croatia)


Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre KRILA has in its name the basic guidelines for its work. These are a development and practice of creativity as an artistic, social and personal value; fostering educational, research and laboratory approach to theater and performing arts; questioning the methods and ways of creating, performing and learning; encompassing, connecting and experimenting with different manifestations and tendencies in nowadays diverse theatre and performing arts practices.

Key activities are production of contemporary theatre performances such as collaborative and devised theatre, physical theatre, dramatic corporeal mime and participatory performances; creation and organization of a regular educational program for children, youth and adults; organization of master classes for the professional development of contemporary performing artists, developing collaborations with local artists, students, associations, schools, institutions, and networking and collaborating with international artists and organizations in the field.


Creating an exploratory environment, creative spaces and collaborative dynamics in the field of contemporary theatre in Rijeka and Croatia, as well as developing the city and the region as a strong and vibrant center of new tendencies in theatre and performing arts, connected with the European and world centers and organizations in the field.

Galway Theatre Festival (GTF)
(Galway, Ireland)


Galway Theatre Festival (GTF) features 9 days of exciting theatre, circus, spectacle, and storytelling, showcasing the vibrant performance culture of Ireland’s festival city. Our goal is to bring a fresh and lively programme of performance to the streets and venues of Galway, evoking a raw energy and adventurous spirit in our audiences.

Held annually around the May Bank Holiday, GTF draws on Galway’s unique theatrical heritage, and provides a platform for emerging and mid-career artists from the West of Ireland and beyond, show-casing new and exciting forms of theatre and performance practice.

GTF features, on average, over 15 artists / companies, and presents over 60 performances in 8 venues over 9 days. The Festival’s year-round activities include community-building and networking events such as the Theatre Café speaker series, artist and producer training and workshops, and Members’ Club events.

GTF is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Galway City Council

Institute of the Arts Barcelona (IAB)
(Sitges, Spain)


Institute of the Arts Barcelona (IAB) is a Performing Arts higher-education institute that trains actors, dancers, musical theatre, singers, physical theatre artists, and contemporary circus arts performers.

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona offers Europe’s leading international Performing Arts vocational training and education. We train talented young artists for a lasting career in the performing arts. We do this through academic excellence, diversity, and employability.
IAB is internationally recognized as a leading performing arts institution dedicated to inspiring and training the next generation of performance artists.

The IAB offers a conservatoire style vocational education and training at Foundation, BA, MA and Ph.D. levels and currently attracts students from over 30 different countries around the globe.
The IAB is an integrated and multidisciplinary performing arts institution. The rigorous, interdisciplinary and transformative programmes are designed to provide an intensive and well-rounded vocational education, giving students the tools they need for a for a lasting international career in the performing arts

The IAB´s success has been built on a vision to create an environment where talented young performers from all over the world can collaborate to develop their skills and art.

The University of Arts Târgu-Mureş
(Targu-Mures, Romania)


The University of Arts Târgu-Mureş, Romania, is an accredited higher education public institution, engaged in education, scientific research and artistic creation, in accordance with the principles of the European Higher Education Area. The University of Arts Târgu-Mures (UAT) is currently preparing actors, puppeteers, directors, choreographers, impresarios, playwrights, theatre critics, designers, music teachers in both Romanian and Hungarian, at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. The University is also an institution that manages a professional theatre and an animation studio, organising and hosting performances every season.

The mission assumed by the University of Arts Târgu-Mures focuses on the following:

  • Organising graduate, master and doctoral training, ensuring the improvement of creators and specialists in performing arts and music
  • Promoting creative activities for teachers and students in performing arts and music, as well as scientific research in accordance with the requirements of national and international values;
  • Ensuring multicultural and multilingual interference in Romanian and Hungarian.


ACTS – laboratory for performance practices
(Oslo, Norway)


ACTS – laboratory for performance practices is an artist-run organization for practical research in the field of contemporary performance. Based in Oslo, Norway, ACTS was founded in 2011, and it is driven by the artistic directors Fernanda Branco and Luanda Carneiro Jacoel.


The foundation of our work is on bridging interdisciplinary art forms in Norway, to foment development through the actual exchange between artists from different artistic backgrounds. ACTS focus on local and transnational artists to expand notions of local-global and vice-versa from the perspective of being in long durational transit.

Within the contemporary sociopolitical context of increased and accelerated global mobility, ACTS positions itself as a mobile organization that promotes mobility between art forms. ACTS seeks to collaborate with various cultural locations with a temporarily and site-specific approaches to it.

We sustain our cultural projects throughout collaborations and partnerships from individuals to institutions, at both local and international levels. We are constantly in the search after new forms of performance and collaboration, and how these can be facilitated. We seek to foster a diverse cultural platform in Norway while being part of an existing global wave abroad.

ACTS values the constant development and growth of an artist and therefore we engage in promoting regularly activities in the spirit of broadening artistic competence.

Moveo (Barcelona, Spain)


MOVEO is a performing arts centre dedicated to the creation, training and investigation of physical theatre. Founded in 2005 in Barcelona, it houses a permanent company, residencies of artists, courses, workshops and a variety of activities around the expressive body. Since its creation, Cia Moveo has been rewarded by various prizes, the latest ones being for Best Show at the Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca 2015 (Spain), Best Company Award at the Imaginarius Festival 2016 (Portugal) and Best Premiere of Street Arts at the Fira Tarrega 2017. Our investigation has brought us to the creation of 8 professional shows and 20 students’ shows as well as projects and workshops with which we have been touring internationally.

Within the creation axe, Moveo specialises in devised shows using the body and the art of movement as the main elements of expression, both in venues and in the street, mixing various disciplines and working with artists from different cultural backgrounds. Within the training axe, we organise a variety of courses for amateurs and professionals of all ages, as well as different groups or communities intended to introducing new lines of physical work. We also collaborate with a variety of organisations, both national and internationally, to produce innovative and challenging projects around the performing arts.

Platform 88 (Montpellier, France)


Platform 88 is a contemporary mime company founded in 2009 by Sebastien Loesener and Janaina Tupan. The body is at the very center of the company’s creative process. Body, source of an imaginary, who expresses itself not to replace words, but to go beyond and below them. Body who is at the same time poetic and dramatic. It is at the interface of those two forms that the company has designed its mark. Up to today, they have created the shows Platform 88, (Alice), Nina, On n’arrache pas les ailes des papillons si facilement, and numerous short performances associated to specific researches.

The mission of the company is to develop and promote contemporary mime. The body is what anchors any human to the world. Based on that ethos we aim to play with its universal aspect and the differences in which it can be expressed, understanding the body as an entrance door to the being. The goals are, in respect to that, artistic as much as esthetic, philosophical or political.

Key activities

Creation: we produce pieces for stage and also for non-dedicated spaces
Transmission: courses and workshops for amateurs and for professionals ; projects for specific audiences
Research: weekly practice encounter about technical and thematic subjects.
Federation: co-presidency of the Collectif des Arts du Mime et du Geste
Events: productions of 2 festivals: MIMESIS in Paris and Mime in Motion in Montpellier

Poulpe Électrique (Arcueil, France)


Poulpe Électrique is an arts association founded in 2015 with the mission to support the work of multidisciplinary artists, as well as contribute with the development and
dissemination of the arts. It aims to create original and compelling work in France and
abroad. Polyglot and multicultural, the Poulpes focus on speaking about contemporary themes through a critical and poetic dialogue between physical expression and the digital arts. The supported artists work on creating shows but also art installations. Poulpe Électrique’s first production is the physical theatre show Feminine, but Elastic. It was premiered in 2016 and speaks about women and the media by questioning and playing with the re-appropriation of female role models. Their second and current project is a show for the 2019-2020 season on the themes of obsolescence and the Anthropocene: As I watched the clouds float by, the night came. Parallel to the artistic productions, Poulpe Électrique provides training to professional artists, amateurs, and any individual or group interested in developing artistic skills. Through organising workshops on movement and theatre, and computing for the arts, it also focuses on audience development.

ToTum Teatre (Barcelona, Spain)


ToTum Teatre is a company based in Barcelona and operating since 2014. It is an organization dedicated to spread and support physical and visual theatre through performances, educational work and events. With the idea of an international theatre, our artistic language is based on movement, especially on Corporal Mime. ToTum TeaTre organizes workshops and classes for Universities; Schools and Cultural Centres. The most recent theatre production is RatOn created in collaboration with the theatre Sala Fenix and the art centre La Miranda, it is officially supported by InIt (International Network of Italian Theatre). In 2014 ToTum TeaTre created the show Cuarteto Combinat. With a residency in the centre for creation NunArt and in the civic centre Parc Sandaru – Kinètic program. In 2013 ToTum TeaTre with the Italian company Morks created Inevidenza – Workshop and Street performance.

Key activities

  • To stimulate and promote cultural activities in theatre, mime, dance, circus and performing arts in general.
  • To promote the meeting, exchange and collaboration with other forms of artistic expression.
  • Creation of a virtual meeting point of different disciplines connected to theatre through a network of artists and professionals.
  • To promote projects that could favour the cohesion and the social integration across cultural activities.
  • Help Physical Theatre to be more visible.



WORKINGLIFEBALANCE LTD. is a partnership under civil law (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts), created in 2017 by performer Christina Lederhaas and writer/performer Johannes Lederhaas. The work mainly focuses on the creation of performances at the interface between movement and language. Both of them coming from Graz, Christina studied dramatic arts at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Graz, corporal mime (ecole de mime corporel) in England and developed and twisted her work through international residencies and guest performances. Lederhaas’ works on and off stage are at the intersection of stagnation, voice, dance and clown. She was Stair-Artist-in-Residence in Belgrad in 2015 and was responsible for the artistic overall concept of the Styrian Cultural Award Show 2016. 2017 she began a new work with the composer Slobodan Kajkut at the intersection of dance and composition. Currently, she is working with the composer Reiko Yamada at the same intersection. Johannes Schrettle was part of several collectives, working for theater in Bahnhof Graz, and Forum Stadtpark among others. As a writer, he had his texts produced in several theatres in Austria and Germany. In 2007 he was a co-founder of the independent company which he is still working with as a director, performer, and writer.

Key activities

  • creating and producing performances on the interface between language, movement, voice
  • sharing skills with other professionals and individuals
  • building artistic networks


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Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre
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Acts Laboratory for performance and practice
Moveo - Physical theatre and corporeal mime center
Platform 88
Poulpe électrique
ToTum TeaTre
Workinglifebalance Ltd.

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