Barcelona Meeting

19th, 20th and 21st February 2019, Sitges Spain


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Barcelona Meeting event is an opportunity for academic and professional exchange between the project partners, associate partners and collaborators, as well as with external stakeholders from the local, national and international context.

Barcelona is an three day event hosted by IAB (Institute of Arts Barcelona) and divided in the following way:

1. Day One – Symposium with the delivery of the results

The Symposium will present the results of Target Group Need Identification research.
The purpose of the target group needs identification and elaboration is to inform the capacity building exercises envisaged for execution during the Galway, Rijeka and Targu-Mures labs and to centre on the topics: (1) Artistic Excellence in the field of non-institutionalised and Independent Theatre Practice; (2) Business Model (3) Audience Development.

Also the research aim is to evolve into a useful and approachable guide not only for the Make a Move partners and associates, but also for the whole target group that is contemporary European independent theatre makers.

2. Day Two – Roundtable in plenum with the discussion of the data delivered in the symposium and discussion of forthcoming strategies

Specific roundtables will be delivered on the topics: Artistic excellence in the field of Non-institutionalised and Independent Theatre Practice; Business Model; Audience Development. The roundtables aim at creating an open and democratic discussion on the target group needs identified in the research and at supporting the development of the co-creation of the lab curricula for the three Art Incubator pilot sessions that will be held in Galway, Rijeka and Targu Mures.

3. Day Three – Organizational meeting about the practical finalization of the strategies and the curricula/programmes to be delivered in Rijeka, Targu Mures and Galway

The goal of the third part of the meeting is to practically finalized the forthcoming activities, in terms of academic level, methodologies/strategies, business model, participants, timeframes.

Guests of the Barcelona Symposium

Together with the operative section, Barcelona meeting will characterised also by the high profile of keynote-speakers and guests.

The opening day foresees the participation of Andrew Sherlock (Liverpool John Moores University), Anna Sica (University of Palermo) and Josette Feral (Nouvelle Sorbonne and President of the European Association for the Study of Performing Arts). Other guest speakers include Mal Pelo Company from Catalonia, Trevor Carslon of the Merce Cunningham Trust and others.

Barcelona Meeting Programme


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Supporters of the Barcelona Meeting


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Creative Europe Programme


Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre
Galway Theatre Festival
Institute of the Arts Barcelona
The University of Arts Târgu-Mureş


Acts Laboratory for performance and practice
Moveo - Physical theatre and corporeal mime center
Platform 88
Poulpe électrique
ToTum TeaTre
Workinglifebalance Ltd.

Funders / Supporters

Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture
Republika Hrvatska - Ministarstvo kulture
Kultura Nova
Grad Rijeka
Galway 2020
Irish Arts Council
Ajuntament de Sitges
Galway City Council
Institut français Barcelona
Primorsko-Goranska Županija

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