The recipe for creating “Minor Chefs”

The recipe for creating “Minor Chefs”



1 (small) starting point

1 space for performing, including a small space for the audience and enough sockets to plug in lights, kitchen equipment, sound system

Lots of pans, cups, bowls etc.

1 oven, 1 hotplate, 1 table and 1 shelf

Ingredients for baking (better to have way too much than what you need)


2 performers, preferably of different sizes or looks

4 local super artists

a handful of very helpful local volunteers

1 teacher and a student

Various people to help out with the technical part (sound, camera, projector, lights)

For decoration:

Aprons, costumes, Christmas decoration, (local) music


First you need to preheat the oven and get excited. Mix the performers and the local artists together in the space chosen. After some careful mixing, add all the kitchen equipment to fill the space neatly. Try to be as organised and effective as possible since this has to be done very quickly. Now, slowly, add the pots, plates and other things needed, bring in the ingredients and start exploring. You might have to try many, many times before something tasty comes out, so don’t get nervous. When you think you have found something, add a touch of volunteers and you will see how it starts to smell good. Now, leave whatever you got to cool off a bit and focus on the space. Get help from the technical staff and fix the lights, sound, a camera and the projection for the other room. At the same time you can start preparing the decoration. First add a teacher and a student and wait a little. Go back to see what you have cooled off – now add everything you got, start mixing very fast and without stopping (or it gets too airy), just keep repeating it until you have something that starts to look like a dough, with the right color and texture. Now, take a deep breath and put it nicely on the dish. Set it in the oven, wait and when it’s ready, share it with as many people as you can. Remember to ask for the feedback!


Photo by New Generation Studio Târgu-Mureș


Minor Chefs
Something’s cookin’ in Transylvania…
Performance by Rodrigo Pardo and Sanna Toivanen
Production: Adél Püspöki
Collaboration: Aletta Zselyke Kenéz, Otília László, Irisz Kovacs, Paula Dalea, Nicoleta Butnaru, Andreea Ioana Suciu, Traian Penciuc
Technical staff: Emil Muresan, Gombocz Loránd-Levente, Moréh Zsolt, Török Hunor




About ToTum TeaTre

ToTum Teatre is a company based in Barcelona and operating since 2014. It is an organization dedicated to spread and support physical and visual theatre through performances, educational work and events. With the idea of an international theatre, our artistic language is based on movement, especially on Corporal Mime. ToTum TeaTre organizes workshops and classes for Universities; Schools and Cultural Centres. The most recent theatre production is RatOn created in collaboration with the theatre Sala Fenix and the art centre La Miranda, it is officially supported by InIt (International Network of Italian Theatre). In 2014 ToTum TeaTre created the show Cuarteto Combinat. With a residency in the centre for creation NunArt and in the civic centre Parc Sandaru – Kinètic program. In 2013 ToTum TeaTre with the Italian company Morks created Inevidenza – Workshop and Street performance.

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