we entered that space

and. we had the impression of a crumbling society, that is still dancing – facing a catastrophe – a war, an iceberg, a flood, an epidemic, something like this, and they were still celebrating, having fancy dinner in fancy clothes deliberately ignoring the fact that they are totally doomed and then the question was if we should keep dancing, keep performing in projects like this, looking quite okay, moving quite elegantly, saying smart things about culture and politics and environments, or if not, what else should we do, anyway we decided to go on we decided to go on with the images that we had in our head images of a meal, that was half rotten, a pick-nick, and a poet on a balcony reading a poem and forcing everybody to listen to his poems and dancing to his music the poet was gabrielle d‘annuncio italian writer, journalist and dictator of the free state of fiume, 1919 to 1920, but that was in his late years, when he was our age, he was nothing like a dictator, he had never worn a uniform, he was more into words, poetry and art, opera, but then something happened to him something different and then he was broke and the war had begun and he caught this strange fascination for the army with their airplanes and bombs and uniforms, and he wanted to wear a uniform, feeling that it really made a difference, that when he was wearing this uniform he felt a deeper meaning in his life, a greater cause then just words or music, he also wore a curly mustache and sometimes an eye patch, after an accident with an airplane in WWI, and he got things mixed up sometimes, like which dates it was, but also people that he met or words, or emotions. (to be continued)

About Working Life Balance Ltd.

We are a “partnership under civil law”, created in 2017 by performer Christina Lederhaas and writer/performer Johannes Schrettle. The work focuses on the creation of performances at the interface between movement and language. Christina studied dramatic arts in Graz, corporal mime (ecole de mime corporel) in England and developed her work through international residencies and guest performances. Lederhaas’ works on and off stage are at the intersection of stagnation, voice, dance and clown. 2017 she began a new work with the composer Slobodan Kajkut at the intersection of dance and composition Johannes Schrettle was part of several collectives, working for theater im Bahnhof Graz, and Forum Stadtpark among others. As a writer, he had his texts produced in several theatres in Austria and Germany. In 2007 he was co-founder of indeüendet company which he is still working with as director, performer and writer. Recently WORKINFLIGEBALANCE is presenting the show “die Note and some other people” in Graz.

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