Galway Lab Day 7 & 8


DAY 7: 1 st of may, international day of demonstrations for the workers rights. Not in Inisheer. Here
there is the sea, the stone walls, its 300 inhabitants, and 20 artists.
In this isolated context, being quickly initiated to some digital technologies, how do we grab the last
chance to create, learn or simply play ?

Groups form, sometimes of 1. Gathering or scattering. For each of one of us, it is according to an
idea, and affinity. Or perhaps chance? Some of us even decide to work without technology. Because
in spite of the attraction for anything that’s new, the island and the sea brought back the power of
what is simple and natural.

Creation, creativity: each one has obviously a very personal way to handle their imagination. It is
difficult to guess what is going on in an other group, and even less in an other artists’ head.
Processes try to find their own feet or partner’s shoes, cross or confront each other. Creating in a
single day is a challenge everybody knows as being impossible, but to which everyone rises.

DAY 8: the magic of the great souls. We all get there. Nothing to perform in a national theatre.
Right. But the words are clear: those are no shows but experiences, sharing what’s been done in this
short space of time. In every single one of those moments there is a bit of the joy, the universe, and
the personality of each artist.

The last moments on Inisheer taste like an ending. The sun is shining and the sea is calm. When we
take the boat for the main land, the community spirit allows a lingering doubt, and a feeling that it is
not done yet. We still have 2 days to spend together and if there is any partnership in the air between
us, the seal showing us its magnificent dive at the entrance of the port… probably sealed it.


About Poulpe Électrique

Poulpe Électrique is an association founded in 2015 with the mission to support the work of multidisciplinary artists, and contribute with the development and dissemination of the arts. In their shows and installations, the artists focus on speaking about contemporary themes. They aim at developing original and compelling work through a critical and poetic dialogue between physical expression and the digital arts. Their first production was a physical theatre piece about the relationship between women and the media: Feminine, but Elastic (2016). Their second stage project As I watched the clouds float by, the night came (2019), explores the themes of obsolescence and the Anthropocene. Parallel to their productions, Poulpe Électrique provides training to professional artists, amateurs, and anyone interested in developing artistic skills. By organising workshops on movement, theatre, and computing for the arts, they also engage in audience development.

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